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Laundry is something we all need to do. However, in many places it is considered an amenity. Often, you will find apartment complexes which do not have laundry services on premises. This often means that there is a laundromat near the location, however sometimes this is not the truth of the matter. This becomes rather difficult to deal with as a tenant when they live somewhere that is not within walking distance to a laundromat or if they work odd hours. Sometimes you do not have the ability to have laundry hookups in the actual apartment, so what are your options?
Let’s face it, running a washer and dryer is expensive. The washer uses a lot of water and the dryer often uses more electricity than most other appliances in a home. You often need special hookups for both as well, and in order to have a washer that will clean more than one outfit at a time this is especially true. It makes sense why most apartment complexes do not allow these machines in the individual units. However, having laundry on site is becoming more and more of a necessity for apartment complexes if they want to earn a decent amount of money for their units.
If you are a complex that charges association or maintenance fees, you may consider raising these to cover the addition of washers and dryers and possibly even an extra building for them if it is needed. Explain to the owners that they can now receive more in rent due to the addition of the amenity and it will likely go over well. Another option which many complexes utilize is the fact of coin operated laundry. This works much like going to a laundromat, however normally it means that the residents have the keys to the door so they are the only ones that can use it. It is also generally a little cheaper and much more convenient to do it this way because they do not need to travel far to get their clothes washed and dried.
Having an option for your residents to do their laundry onsite will certainly be appreciated by everyone. No one wants to not only wait until the last minute to do their laundry, but no one wants to smell the dirty clothes that others haven’t washed yet. Ask around and see if an onsite laundry would be a good addition to those who live in your complex.