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Around this time of the year, pet stores do a wonderful business. This is because many children want a pet for the holidays and many parents are willing to allow this as a way to teach their child responsibility. However, if they are renting from you they do need to double check that you will allow pets in your apartment. Pets can cause a bit of damage if not taken care of correctly, and if the animal is young, the problems may be even more complicated as potty training can be difficult to complete.
Almost every child in America has at some point wanted a pet. Around this time of year, we see so many videos popping up online of parents gently wrapping boxes filled with puppies and kittens up with ribbons and bows so that their child can unwrap what they wanted the most. Unfortunately, if they are renting from you this means that they may have done this illegally. If your lease states that they are not allowed animals, or must have your approval beforehand, then getting a pet may just be something that isn’t possible for this year.
This does unfortunately put you in a very difficult spot if a parent has gotten an animal without your approval and the child becomes attached to it. Naturally you don’t want to upset the kid who most likely didn’t even know about the clause in the lease, but if the parent did this with full knowledge that they were not supposed to allow an animal into your rental property then it can create an issue between you and the adults responsible.
Allowing pets in your apartment is something that only you can make the decision on. Do remember, though, that it isn’t all or nothing. You may want to enforce a pet deposit to cover any damage that might be done by the animal or add a little bit of money onto the rent every month for the same reason. It is also fairly common for certain apartments to allow cats but not dogs, or even animals under a certain weight limit. These are generally good compromises for people who really want a furry companion. This time of year it is always a good idea to remind your residents of your pet policy just in case they are thinking of getting an animal for the holidays.