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Leaf Removal

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Autumn is always such a lovely time for many areas of our country. The changing colors are a large draw for people, even causing the term “leaf peepers” to be coined up in New England. For all of the beauty that some people see when looking at these changed trees, others see nothing but a nuisance. Having all of those dead leaves laying around their lawns and driveways can be considered unsightly and when it rains they may even become dangerous. This is just another thing that you need to be aware of as a landlord, especially if maintenance falls to you instead of to your resident.
Leaf removal is one of the stickiest situations that you will find yourself in outside of snow. Most people don’t want leaves everywhere but dislike having a leaf blower running constantly. Naturally you won’t want to be outside by yourself with a rake gathering a huge pile, especially if you have a large property to deal with. This generally means that something with a motor is going to be your best bet in regards to getting all of the leaves and twigs together. So what can you do to keep everyone happy?
The best time to collect leaves for removal is at a time when most people are either at work or already awake. I can speak from experience that no one likes to be woken up at seven in the morning on a Saturday by a leaf blower. If you are able to do this yourself, it will obviously save some money but hiring a company to do this is perfectly fine as well. Having people come in during normal working hours will generally prevent much complaining from your residents.
Always be sure to check your township bylaws about leaf piles and removal. Some places have trucks come around to collect them while others have you purchase bags and deliver them to a certain location yourself. You always want to be sure to stay on top of these practices and remind your residents of what the law states as well. You may even want to try and have a work day where you offer food or refreshments in exchange for your residents helping out to clean up the leaves. Ask around and see if anyone would be willing to help out.