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During December, many people like to decorate their homes and apartments to reflect their specific religion. Even if someone doesn’t celebrate any of the holidays, they will sometimes decorate anyway simply because they think the lights are pretty. How many of us would beg our parents to drive us around just so we could look at the different houses that were decorated in our area? I know that was always one of my favorite things to do around this time of the year. However, if you own an apartment building or complex, you may have to set some parameters on decorations.
One of the eternal debates among people has always been whether you should take down the lights after the holidays or leave them up on the roof throughout the year without turning them on. While this is a decision that you can make if you own your own home without a homeowners association, it is a bit different in most housing complexes. As an example, my apartment complex allows decorations for two weeks before and two weeks after any specific holiday. It also does not allow lights to be left on overnight in the event that they may disrupt others trying to sleep. Lights that flash brightly are also not allowed for similar reasons. Most other decorations are not regulated as long as they are inside your own apartment.
Obviously you don’t want to dampen anyone’s holiday spirit, however there is a level of practicality that you need to balance when it comes to the limitations of decorations that you will allow on your rental property. This is especially true if you have an apartment building or a complex that houses multiple people. Bright lights may cause an issue for others trying to sleep and the sound of fans that run those inflatable characters can keep people awake if they aren’t used to the noise. Although they may be fun to have up, you need to make sure that everyone’s comfort is balanced with the holiday cheer.
If you don’t want to give out a protocol for holiday decorations, give a glance to some of them just to make sure that nothing goes against common sense. After all, the holidays can get a bit extravagant and we can all get carried away with the excitement of the season.