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Holiday Parking

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If your apartment complex is anything like the one that I live in, parking is a highly sought after commodity. Each apartment only receives one assigned parking spot and there is nowhere near enough parking for each person to have another spot. There are visitor spots, but they are extremely hard to find during the day and impossible at night. During the holidays they become even more difficult to come by and unfortunately there are no lots within walking distance which can be used. This often results in people parking in spots which are reserved for residents that have been vacated for whatever reason only to fuel dismay when the person returns back home.
One thing that you may want to do if parking is an issue on a normal day is release a letter to your residents gently reminding them that parking spaces are limited and residents have priority in reserved spots. The holidays often see family and friends coming to visit and this can result in an even worse scarcity of valid spots. Make sure that your residents know that double parking and parking in non-valid spots will not be tolerated during the season, especially if you are in an area that sees the need for snow removal often.
Another thing that you can do is offer a few numbers for towing companies. No one wants to be “that person” that gets someone else’s car towed during the holidays, but no one wants to be the person who can’t go home at night due to someone being in their spot either. It gets cold at night during this time of the year and I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to walk the better part of a mile due to someone taking a spot that isn’t theirs right in front of my door isn’t something that fills me with that warm feeling the holidays are supposed to bring.
Unfortunately, the holidays always bring a lot of stress to people. Parking at your own apartment shouldn’t be one of the reasons for this. Do your best to help out your residents when it comes to parking and hopefully everyone will get through this season with a smile on their face and some warmth inside and out.