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Winter Weather

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Winter is my least favorite season. For some reason, the thought of all the snow and cold just ruins my mood, and having to shovel it just makes it worse. While I may not like the oppressive heat of summer, at least I don’t need to freeze my fingers off getting rid of inches upon inches of white, heavy stuff just to get around. It seems almost impossible to get through each new winter, and it is increasingly more dangerous the older we get. Thankfully, there are some things we can do to try and stay safe during this season.
One of the first things I will suggest if you are in charge of an apartment complex or building is to get a snow blower. It makes it infinitely easier to move the snow that has fallen to a different area and will reduce the time you need to spend outside significantly. This is especially good if you have a chronic disorder that is set off by lower temperatures or heavy amounts of moisture. It is also much better for your back than having to shovel, especially if it is wet and heavy and dense snow. That really is the absolute worst.
Another suggestion that I will make is to add a lip or barrier on the top of the roof or roofs of your building(s). Falling snow is a great danger and falling ice is even worse. I remember in university, they would have to block off around the buildings just so that kids wouldn’t be hit by the stuff falling off when it finally started to melt. Granted that didn’t help up much when part of the theater roof came in under the weight of a particularly bad snow storm, but there wasn’t much anyone could have done about that without having replaced the roof before the season started.
We suggest asking around and seeing what other property owners in your area have done to help keep their residents safe during the winter. Checking the stability of your roof is certainly something that will not go unappreciated. It is also always a good idea to check however the building gets heat. I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation. We hope that you have a safe winter and hope that it ends soon.