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Noise Complaints

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Probably the most common complaint that rental property owners hear is that of the dreaded noise complaint. For the most part, these complaints will only happen once or twice but every now and then you get that resident that either refuses to quiet down whatever is causing the complaint or a resident who thinks that any sign that other people live nearby is unnecessary and requires a complaint. These can really break down people and their willingness to live somewhere. After all, if someone is trying to sleep and another person is blasting music to the point that you can’t hear yourself think, it can certainly push you to your wits end.
As a landlord, it can be extremely difficult to manage when two of your residents are at odds with each other. While many people will confront each other in their own way, others prefer to pass the issue off to someone else who is seen as an authority figure for the situation. Generally this is you and only you. In some certain severe situations the police may end up involved, but for the sake of this article, we will only focus on what you can do to help resolve these noise complaints.
If there are two people that are consistently complaining about each other, you may want to try and figure out if there is anything deeper than just a noise issue. Often a complaint about something that a landlord may be able to solve is brought up in the stead of something else. It may be that the two people simply don’t get along and want to get each other in trouble, but there may be a more severe issue which underlays this. While it isn’t your job to solve their issues, it may make it easier in the long run. If there are multiple people complaining about the same person, however, you will likely have a better case against this person to approach them with.
While no one wants to deal with noise complaints, they are almost inevitable when a large group of people are living in the same building or complex. Although it is tough, sometimes you need to remember that you can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to do, and that includes quieting down. However, it is also important to remember that the wellbeing of your residents in general is more important than the convenience of one.