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There is a common debate when it comes to apartment complexes and large buildings regarding garbage pickup. Although most places understand that they need to have a place that their residents can dump their trash so that it doesn’t end up everywhere and stink the place up, many people wonder if they should provide recycling barrels as well. While this is something that only you can decide for your specific location, we would like to provide you with some thoughts when it comes to keeping some things out of landfills that could be better used in other places.
One of the main reasons that most rental property owners do not want to offer a recycling option is the price. While it is a bit more expensive than just having the garbage, many places that offer both will give you a bundle sort of deal so that you can get them at a reduced rate. This is also true if you are able to have fewer recycling pickups, which most places are. For example, my apartment complex picks up the garbage twice a week as opposed to the recycling which is only picked up twice a month. While there are times that the recycling overflows, there are also times that the garbage does too and it simply depends on the time of the year.
Some towns may also offer discounts or refunds for a certain amount of money depending upon how much you are able to recycle or if you recycle at all. You may want to call around to different town offices or businesses to see if they know of any of these programs. If you put up fliers which ask your residents to toss their empty pizza boxes in the recycling can instead of the garbage, you may end up saving a considerable amount of money if your town does have a refund program like this.
Recycling is something that really should be considered more by many apartment complexes and it is very rare that you see these receptacles abused. If you aren’t sure how to help the environment or your area, this is an exceptionally good place to start. Ask around and see if there is any interest in getting a recycling bin for your residents and go from there. It certainly couldn’t hurt!