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Sometimes when I’m bored, I go online and type the name of an area into Google and look at the houses for sale there. You can learn a lot about an area by looking at the places that are on the market. For example, Delaware seems to really enjoy yellow paint. New England seems to have a lot of large, opulent houses. North Carolina seems to have homes that were build before 1950 and after 2000 on the market with very little in between. These little facts don’t make much of a difference in the scheme of things, but they can mean quite a bit if you are looking for a new place to live. After all, you certainly want to find somewhere that you can really see yourself living and it doesn’t hurt to see what’s around the area.
I know that if I moved to Delaware, for example, I would not want to rent a house that had all yellow walls. Although I would love to live in New England, those houses are not in my budget and I couldn’t deal with the severe winters. In North Carolina, I would definitely want one of the older homes despite the issues you can have with them. I love a bit of character in a house and find that the older houses have much more of a fun feel to them than newer ones. My best friend, however, thinks that the more modern houses are better and refuses to look at a home if it was built before 1980. Everything is down to personal preference when it comes to finding the home or apartment that fits you the best.
Here at Talley, we are dedicated to finding the perfect resident for each and every property we represent. This means that you will never have to settle for something you don’t want if you are working with us. We want tenants and property owners alike to be content with the living accommodations. After all, if you aren’t happy with the place that you are living, the rest of your life tends to suffer. As someone who has lived in some places that were not my first choice, I can attest to this fact. Give us a call today and we can get you into the place of your dreams!

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