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With the advent of channels like HGTV, more and more people are beginning to think that they are home decorators and restorers. We see constantly that people are getting more steadfast in their ideas of what a good home is based upon television shows instead of looking around in person. While it isn’t always a bad thing to know what you want before you make an investment, this can give some property owners a bit of trouble if someone is determined to rent a place that looks like it’s off of Fixer Upper complete with farmhouse sink.
Trends in homes come and go just like with anything else. Unlike with wardrobe changes, however, these aren’t as easy to bend to. They are also no where near as cheap. Right now, most people are looking for open floor plans as a base. While this is fine for people who are renting out newer homes, it becomes increasingly more difficult the older your property is. My parent’s house was built in 1964 and I cannot imagine a way that an open floor plan would be possible. A good friend has a house that dates back to 1887 and while you could create an open floor plan there, it would take so much work and destroy much of the charm that comes with older homes.
So how do you balance between the actual structure of your rental property and modern trends that will likely change in a decade of so? Well, that’s fully up to you. Each property is different so only you can tell if it needs that drastic an upgrade or not. Sometimes something as simple as pulling down old wallpaper or updating a bathroom can give the area a fresh feel without having to spend thousands of dollars knocking out walls only to find that you can’t do what you wanted because one of them is a supporting wall.
Making sure that you keep your rental home updated is very different than keeping up with every trend in home design. While you can do that if you have the time and money, it is normally best to go with a general feel and freshen things up every now and then. You may be amazed at what some fresh paint and tiles can do to a place, so give that a try before jumping to gutting your entire property.

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