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Summer Weather Dangers

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While the winter is known for creating weather that can really throw you off your game, the summer can do so as well. While thunderstorms may be nice to watch from the safety of inside, they can certainly be dangerous. Here are a couple of ideas for you on how to keep your residents safe during inclement weather.
1. Watch The Trees. Trees can attract lightning since they are likely the tallest things in the area. I was on a walk around my neighborhood over the weekend and saw a tree that had recently been struck by lightning. While I found the streak of black all the way down the tree fascinating, I also know how dangerous it can be. While any tree can catch fire after this happens, it is much more likely to happen if the tree is already dead. These trees are also generally lighter than others and may post a threat in high wind storms. Make sure to keep an eye on trees on your property and take down any that have died.
2. Power Outage Plans. Always encourage your residents to have a plan in case the power goes out. Suggest to them non-perishable food and to keep candles or flashlights on hand in case the power is out for an extended period of time. Sometimes the power can go out in extreme heat, so suggest a battery powered fan as well. While power outages can be fun for a little while, it normally isn’t too good if it stretches longer than an hour or so. Provide your residents with the numbers of the electric company as well so they can report any power outages and hopefully receive updates about when the power will come back on.
3. Out Of The Pool. If you have a pool, make sure that it is closed if there is any chance of a thunderstorm. Although people may complain if it is a hot day, it is better to make sure your residents are safe than in water when there is lightning around.
While weather can be incredible to watch, we do need to remember that it can be extremely dangerous to be out in. Even if you are inside, some things may be concerning when it comes to severe weather. Make sure that your residents are safe, and they will almost certainly appreciate the concern.

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