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Pool Safety

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If your rental property or apartment complex has a pool, it is likely more sought after than those that don’t. After an experience in my apartment complex, I can assert that these statements are not said lightly. Due to an unresolved issue with a certain resident, my apartment complex board of directors felt it to be safest to close the pool until the problem was taken care of. This caused a near riot among many of the residents who felt it unfair, despite it was due to a safety concern. Here are a couple of things that you can try to keep your pool area safe.
1. Have An Attendant. Many places will require you to have some kind of a pool attendant, even if they are not a lifeguard. This is for the safety of your residents, as the attendant can turn away those who do not live in the complex. Always make sure that the attendant can call someone in case of a dispute, though.
2. Require Paperwork. If you are a complex with many people, having your residents fill out paperwork is always a good idea. This may be anything from stating that they know the pool exists to a waver saying if they are hurt they cannot sue. My complex requires paperwork which, when submitted, gets you a bracelet that will let you into the pool area. This is a quick way of making sure that only those who live there can get in.
3. Test Daily. Depending upon your area, you may be required to test the pool water daily, weekly, or only on days the pool is open. For the best results and the most consistent results, however, we suggest you test the water daily. This will make sure that your residents are safe and that the water is always the best quality that you can make it.
4. First Aid Equipment. Pools can be dangerous, which is why it’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit at the pool. These can help everything from small cuts to broken limbs. These are always good to have and we cannot suggest them enough.
Having a pool on your property is always a great time, but a lot of work does go into them. Keeping them safe for everyone is something that we all want to see. It is always more fun when you know your residents are safe!

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