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Summer and Air Conditioning

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Summer is hot. While we all know this, it can sometimes seem like we forget just how hot it can get until it rolls around again. This week for example is going to see a heat wave for much of the northeast and there are advisories for a lot of locations. Given that this is the weekend before the Fourth of July, there is even more concern among those in the medical community in regards to heat related illnesses. One of the things that we recommend the most is to make sure that you can get into an area with air conditioning.
If you own property, it is fairly necessary for you to have an air conditioner in the North Carolina summers. This holds true whether you own or rent your current residence. While there is no way for you to force your resident to use the air conditioner in your rental property, it is extremely important that you give them the option of it. Safe and clean air conditioners are imperative to the physical health of people given this area of the world during this time of the year. In fact, in 2016, 94 people died in America due to health related illnesses and Maryland has already recorded one for this year. It is certainly not something to put off.
If your resident raises concerns about their air conditioner, you may need to fix or replace it yourself depending upon your lease. Remember that sometimes an air conditioner will still blow air out, but that doesn’t always mean that it cools. Listen to your resident when they talk about something like this, as it may be dangerous if they don’t have access to cooler air. This is true even if the air conditioner works well but there is something in it like mold. High levels of mold in the air can make a location uninhabitable and may cost you far more than the expense of a new air conditioner if it isn’t taken care of.
Air conditioners are a necessity for many people, especially those at risk like the elderly or the very young. If you have a resident who doesn’t think that their air conditioner is working, listen to them and work together to get the issue resolved. After all, you would only need to deal with it the next year if you didn’t do so now.

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