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One of the most common issues that we hear about in property ownership and rentals is noise. When you have a large group of people all living together, there are bound to be problems between residents. Unfortunately, some of the most difficult things to resolve are also the most common. Different people have different ideas of what “excessive noise” really is, and most of us have experience with this as well. Driving down the road you can see a perfect example of what we mean. If you are stopped at a light and can hear the music clearly from another car, you will probably also see someone else giving that car a dirty look. The difference between acceptable noise levels and excessive ones can be thin, but it is always noticeable.
Many towns have laws which explain what it means to have excessive noise. For example, my hometown had a regulation which stated that if you could hear the noise from twenty five feet away you could be cited on that infraction if it was at a residential property. While it was rare for the police to write someone a ticket for that, it did happen every now and then. If you are unsure how to regulate noise such as music or television program volume, this may be a good place for you to start.
Having a large building with multiple people living in it may cause some complications with this issue. It is always more difficult when people are living in close quarters to keep quiet to everyone else’s preference. Not only do different people have different ideas of what volume is acceptable, but the discussion of white noise versus silence is always one that causes problems.
Handling noise complaints is always a touchy problem as a landlord. The fact is that you normally don’t live in the area where the issue is occurring so you can’t always provide an acceptable answer. Sometimes the best you can do is suggest some carpets and earplugs. However it is always important, as with any complaint, to listen to both sides of the issue. At times it is better if you can provide an unbiased opinion and this may just be one of them. Ask other people in the area to see if it really is a widespread problem as well. You never know if others just didn’t want to lodge a complaint.

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