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Snow Removal

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One of the most exciting things to see as a kid is one of the worst things to see as an adult. I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more I dislike seeing snow outside my window. Sure, it’s lovely and it wouldn’t feel like the holidays without it, but goodness do I hate having to move it. Shoveling has become the bane of my existence and I would much rather pass a $20 to a neighbor kid than do it myself for free. Unfortunately, if you own an apartment building or complex with a parking lot and/or roads, you don’t exactly have such an easy way out.
Getting snow removed in a timely fashion is one of the most important and infuriating tasks that you will likely have set to you during the winter. You need to be able to balance between making sure that the snow has stopped so you don’t have to have everything cleared twice with the time of the day that the snow is occurring. If all snow happened during the night and was done by around three in the morning so you could call someone and have it cleared in time for everyone to go to work, it wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately this rarely happens.
Calling a plow company can bring its own issues, especially if you have waited a little too long to call them. It may take hours for them to arrive and if your residents need to move their cars, this can present not only logistical issues but may also result in cranky residents that were pulled out of their warm beds only to have to sit somewhere else for hours while you try and have the snow taken care of. You also have to figure out where to put all of it so that it doesn’t impede anyone, which is always a difficult task.
Having a set snow removal protocol is extremely important if you own an apartment building or complex. Make sure that each year, everyone gets a paper or email which explains what this is so that everyone can be on the same page. Hopefully the snow removal process will go smoothly and soon everyone will be able to enjoy how it looks on the trees and not on the ground.

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