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New leases are always stressful for everyone involved. Now that January has rolled around again, a lot of people are re-evaluating their living conditions and may be looking to move. This means that you have some things to take into consideration. One of these things is the length of a lease. While most people only do a base of one year with the possibility to renew each year, you do have other options. You may decide to have a lease of any amount of time you want, but there are things that you need to weigh when figuring out what your resident’s lease length should be. Here are some ideas to consider when marketing your apartment.
Someone in the military, for example, may not want to be locked into a full year’s lease. This may be a large commitment and they may not have the assurance that they won’t be moved before then. For people in this position, a month or six-month span may be all they can promise. A concern that we often hear with shortened leases is that people don’t care since they aren’t going to be there long but this simply isn’t true. Some people just don’t have jobs that allow them to stay in the same place for too long.
When your lease is up is another thing that you might want to consider. While most places do sign into a full year, you might want the opportunity to have someone new in based on where in the year it is. If it is March but you prefer for people to move in during June for example, you can explain that any resident is up for re-evaluation at that point. If you like them, you can always renew their lease for a full year once you hit that month. If not, you will hopefully find someone else that will move in quickly once that time is up.
When it comes to writing up a new lease, remember that you are in control. After all, you have the property that others need to use. It might be worth it to figure out a pattern that works for you in regard to leases. Always talk to a realtor to make sure that your ideas are valid. See what others in your area do and what would work best for you and let Talley do the rest!

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