Something that will always help you to get new tenants or to keep those you have and like is to find new ways to keep them happy. While this isn’t always the easiest thing to do, there are certainly dozens of ways to accomplish this goal. Here are just a couple of ideas of what to offer your residents, especially if you have a full apartment building.
Recycling is something that is growing in popularity, and thankfully. Recycling has been a conversation most of us have had for decades now, and it is always something that can make a difference. More and more, recycling plants are becoming accessible to everyone and even those who don’t have easy access to it are asking for it.
While adding a recycling stop at your rental property may seem expensive, it normally isn’t going to set you back too much and it will make most people that you rent to very happy. I can personally say I would love it if my apartment complex offered recycling as well as garbage pickup. As it is, I have to save up my recyclables until I go to see my family again so I can dump it off with them because my town doesn’t have a drop off.
Another service that will certainly entice many people to take your empty apartments is offering them free wifi connections. While internet can be expensive for a full building, it normally shows mostly in the installation fee. Once everything is in place, the monthly cost shouldn’t be too bad and you can certainly charge more to new tenants for this service. After all, this means they won’t have to pay for internet themselves which can cost anywhere from the price of a meal for two out to a few hundred dollars depending on your location and how good the connection is.
Everyone needs internet now. This is something that people have mostly accepted and adapted to. After all, without internet you wouldn’t be reading this and I wouldn’t have a job. Therefore, I am fully for everyone having internet! In all seriousness, providing your residents with something like internet is almost like a necessity today. If you are looking for a way to improve your building, adding complementary wifi is certainly a good way to go.