One of the most important things in regards to your apartment listing is the pictures. Now that most listings are online, there is really no reason for you to not take at least a couple of pictures with your cell phone and upload them onto a website. Many people looking for a new place to live use these pictures to decide if they want to see the apartment in person or not. In fact, many websites even have an option so that people can filter their results to only show listings that have pictures. If you have a nice looking apartment, why would you not want to show it off to everyone?
Something that you need to be mindful about when taking pictures for your apartment is to make sure it actually reflects what the apartment looks like. When you post pictures of an apartment that are outdated or even from a completely different unit, you are technically using false advertising and not only is that not helpful in the end, but may also be considered illegal. Always be sure to only post pictures of the actual apartment that you are renting out, even if they are nearly identical.
Lighting is so incredibly important in photography. Even if you don’t know anything about taking a “good” picture, natural light can really only help. If the apartment does not have a large amount of natural light, be sure to take pictures with plenty of artificial light to help make up that difference. People want to see what the place looks like and that can’t happen if it is super dark. You can always use mirrors to help reflect light around an empty space to make it look brighter while taking photos and even while showing the apartment.
Another important thing to think about when you are taking pictures is whether or not they are clear. Blurry pictures are sometimes worse than no pictures at all because it can be taken as a disinterest on your part to take the time to have decent pictures taken. If your hands shake, you can always ask someone else to help you. There is nothing wrong with getting a little assistance.
Posting pictures will definitely help you when you are trying to rent out your apartment. If you aren’t sure that you can do it on your own, ask someone else. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes!