Moving is never fun. It is a stressful activity that often causes headaches for weeks. Once you have found a new place, you have only won half the battle. You now need to transfer your entire life over to your new home. While moving will never be simple, here are some tips that can help make moving in a little smoother.
1. Have Water! I cannot stress this enough. If you are moving furniture, you need to be staying hydrated. Especially if you are moving in the summer, some cold water can go a long way in keeping you moving and focused on your goal. Make sure you have a cooler out that you keep close by during the move so that it is the last thing to go into your vehicle and the first thing to come out when you get to your new place. Anyone helping you will be thankful as well!
2. Have A Plan. Every time I have moved, I have had a plan about what goes first and where it goes in the moving truck. Think of packing everything like a game of Tetris. You need to optimize your space, especially if you are moving far. Large furniture should always go in first, but there are ways to use more space than you think you have. Packing books into suitcases or rolling totes is much more effective than putting clothes in there, both for weight and space reasons. Use your clothes hamper as a container. Put tiny things in your cups from the kitchen. You may be amazed at how much room you can save by thinking things like these through.
3. Have Food. Moving burns a lot of energy. Having some granola bars or protein bars on hand for you and your friends is a great way to keep everyone moving until you are finally done for the day. It is also a good idea to have a plan for food to be delivered or have one person designated to pick something up for everyone once you are done. Something like pizza being ordered when the last load arrives ensures that people will get fed without having to sit for too long in a non-furnished place.
These are only three of hundreds of moving tips. While not everyone will like to move using the same techniques, these are pretty universal. Just remember to keep yourself healthy and ready for a long day of hard work!