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One of the most stressful parts of moving is having to get everything ready to transport. It's not surprising that forcing your entire life into boxes and the back of a truck is concerning and hectic for many people, especially since everyone has their own style of packing and can have very strong opinions about the best way to do it. While we can't help you move from one place to another, we can give you some moving tips so that when you do move into a Talley property, you can so do smoothly and hopefully combat some of that moving related stress.
A favorite tip of ours is to use suitcases. While this may seem obvious, we don't suggest putting clothes in them. Packing up your heavy items is one of the most difficult parts of moving. Things like books or even some knick-knacks can get heavy quickly, which is why suitcases are the best method for moving them from one location to another. Most modern suitcases have at least two sets of wheels and may have hard shells. They are also nice and easy to roll. They may even be cheap if you can find them at second hand stores and yard sales, which you can always donate back later if you don't want them cluttering your house. They are also generally sturdier than the traditional cardboard box.
Speaking of boxes, those things can get heavy! If you run out of suitcases, you may be temped to use large totes or big boxes to get as much in them as you can. While this isn't a bad idea for lighter things like bedding or pillows, it won't work on everything. Try putting together smaller boxes. You may have more of them than you had hoped for, but at least you'll be certain you can move all of them. There's never a good outcome to carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs when you have an alternative.
There are dozens of ways to get yourself ready to move, but these are two that we see people use time and again. We want your move to be as easy as finding your new apartment through Talley was, so we hope that these ideas help you out. Moving is already stressful, but if you look at some of these hacks, you can make it much easier on yourself. We can't wait for you to use these tips to move into a Talley property!

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