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One of the most difficult things to try and deal with is keeping up with all the new trends that come and go. Whether it pertains to clothing, furniture, or even social media, trends are constantly changing. While some of these changes may not directly impact you, if you own a rental property you should probably keep an eye on what is currently popular when it comes to housing. Even if the change is small and cosmetic, it may mean the difference between someone wanting to move in and passing over your property for another that is more up to date.
One of the most sought after things in housing that people are looking for right now is what is known as an open floor plan. While this isn’t something you can easily change your property to have, it may be worth looking into if you can modify certain aspects of your rental property to make your layout feel more open. Generally, an open floor plan denotes a mostly seamless transition from a living room to a dining room and a kitchen, or similar configuration. Some houses are almost entirely open and the floor plan only accounts for bathrooms and bedrooms to be sectioned off. Others are open with partitions that can be installed or brought out of the walls in the event that someone wants to seal off certain rooms. There are any number of things you can do to make your rental property stick out in someone's mind.
Even factors like colors can be a large part of someone's decision when it comes to renting your property out. Even though it is only cosmetic, some people will be hesitant to rent a place with features that were popular a few decades ago. If you can picture a 1960s style bathroom with the pink and blue tile, you may have an idea about why something would be off putting. Styles change all the time, but if your property hasn't changed with it you may want to think about doing some minor renovations.
Keeping up with new trends can be confusing, but thankfully there are resources everywhere. Between television shows, magazines, and even the internet, you can easily look at what is popular now. Check out some current pictures and see how they measure up against what you have. We are certain that Talley can find you a great tenant no matter what!

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