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Allowing Pets

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One of the biggest arguments that we hear between landlords and tenants, and even from one landlord to another, is whether or not to allow pets in your apartment. Both sides make some great points, so we wanted to explain some of the focuses of both arguments. It is important to remember that here at Talley, we respect your decision either way, as it is your property. We simply like to help our clients make the most informed decision.
On one hand, pets can be messy. Dogs and cats both have a possibility to mess up the work that you have put into the unit. This may be from them having accidents on the floor to chewing up or scratching the walls and doors. Often, smells from animals like these can stay even after they no longer live there, especially if there are carpets that were soiled. While much of this comes down to whether or not the owner stayed on top of cleaning, there is still always a possibility of your next tenant being extremely allergic and even a deep cleaning of the apartment may not be enough. Even tanked animals can cause some problems depending on if they like to chew on things when let out or if they smell a lot.
On the other hand, pets can also be helpful for you in some ways. Many landlords require a pet deposit or even additional money each month for someone to have a pet. You can often charge more if you allow pets regardless of whether or not someone has them. You also open your apartment to a wider range of people by allowing pets, as many people will not even look at a place if they can’t bring their beloved companion. Others are medically dependent upon their pet for one reason or another. Although the law states that a support/service animal is often exempt from the law, many will still err on the side of caution and only look where pets are already welcomed.
If you are trying to decide whether or not to allow pets in your rental property, it is always best to think about both the pros and cons. You may also settle somewhere in the middle, allowing only animals that are confined to tanks such as fish or some reptiles. No matter what your solution is, Talley will make sure to find your perfect tenant!

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