When it comes to someone who wants to rent a new apartment, it is all about the location and the amenities. While you can’t do much about the location of your rental property, you do have some freedom when it comes to what amenities you can offer. You may not be able to do much to change the availability of a pool or offer extra parking, but you almost certainly have flexibility on small and large appliances. Amenities are one of the biggest things that will get your rental property noticed, so it is always important to see what people are really looking for in their homes.

Laundry is the amenity that people focus on the most. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay even more for their laundry per load when they're already renting an apartment. Lugging all of your dirty clothes halfway across town to a laundromat when you could be doing other chores is inconvenient at best and nearly impossible at worst. Even dealing with communal laundry rooms can be frustrating, as these are often coin operated and it may not always be easy for your tenants to find the coins to do their wash.. If you have the option to have the washer and dryer hookups in your unit, you will probably have a better shot at renting out your apartment.

Other amenities that you probably have control over generally include things in the kitchen. An updated refrigerator, stove, and microwave can really help your unit get rented quickly. Even something that isn't necessary like a dishwasher can tip the scales for someone who either doesn't like doing the dishes or is often unable for any number of reasons. Never underestimate the difference that something that seems frivolous or optional to you can make to people who are looking to move. It may just be a mandatory thing on their checklist.

While it can be a pleasant surprise to view an apartment and see some of these amenities included, it is always good to actually list everything that can be seen as a benefit in your unit. It is also important that they are clean and working. There are few things more frustrating than moving into a new place and having to get major appliances replaced, especially if they were a main factor in your choosing that location. Let Talley find you the perfect tenant while you see what amenities you can offer!