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Showing Your Apartment

Showing Your Apartment

One of the most difficult things to do as a rental property owner is get a tenant into your apartment. While there are multiple reasons for this, one of the biggest issues is one of simple logistics. Trying to show your apartment is far more complicated than it really has any business being. This comes down to the issue of scheduling more often than not. While housing is naturally important, trying to get two or more people together at the same time while also being appropriately respectful of their lives is frustratingly complicated. If you've ever tried to make plans with a group of friends, you know how tough it can be when you know someone's schedule. A stranger poses even more issues.

When it comes to showing your apartment, you always want it to look its absolute best. This means not only making sure that any improvements you wanted to make are done, but that the place is clean and bright. This generally means coming in a little earlier to do some basic housekeeping and making sure everything is in order. While you will likely have to be there to let them in, the act of preparing the place will take longer than a couple of minutes. It's also good to get there beforehand so that no one is waiting for you to show up just in case someone is on a tight schedule.

While trying to find a tenant there are other ways to make sure they can see the place, but they aren't always viable depending on the situation. You may still have a tenant in the unit or your realtor may not be able to make it on the specific day or time. Anything can throw a wrench into your viewing, but that's why you can benefit from having a company like Talley.

Talley can help you with every step of finding a new tenant from the preparation of the unit through to the signing of the lease. We know that you have a difficult job as a property owner, especially in addition to anything else that you do for work. Your investment should not be a source of stress when it comes to making sure that someone can see if they want to move into your apartment. Let Talley help you show off how great your rental property is and make sure that you get the perfect tenant in!

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