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One of the most tiring and exhausting things about moving into a new apartment is switching the utilities over to your name. If you live alone and work in an office, or if everyone who lives with you works out of the home, it can be even worse. You are required to be home when the technician comes to set up your internet or if someone needs to do a fire inspection. Often times, things like fire inspections are difficult because they will give you a span of time (which can cover multiple days depending on the size of your apartment complex) and tell you that you must be home for it. Most people cannot afford to take time off of work like this, but we also have to try and be in both places at once. There are some ways you can get a bunch of stuff done with minimal impact to your job. Here are some of our suggestions.

It is important that all of your utilities get transferred as soon as possible. We always suggest calling the internet and cable/satellite company a couple of days before your move so you can set up an appointment for a day right after you move in for them to come and do everything. It is often too hectic to do it on the actual moving day, but depending on your situation you may be able to get them in ahead of everything else so you don't have to spend time without your connections or take time off of work so they can get everything up and running. If you need to take a day off of work, you can deal with most of the transfers at once. Spend that day putting your name on the electric, talk to the main office, and do whatever else it is that you need to do. Then reward yourself with a treat and some relaxation before going back to work the next day.

Moving is never easy, but even once your boxes are in your new home, your work isn’t done. While it may not be physically exhausting to make a bunch of phone calls, it can be just as tiring to listen to a full day of automated menus trying to get control of your own lights. While we know that it doesn't make it easier, it is always better to get it done quickly. Always make a plan for your utilities!

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