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Taking in roommates is a common practice for people who are looking for housing that they might not be able to afford by themselves. Although the dream is normally to have your own apartment without someone else unless you’re romantically involved, this isn’t always an option when you take into account where you live and work. We often see friends moving in together and splitting the costs of housing in order to make ends meet. This is a perfectly viable option and if you haven’t thought of it before, here are some reasons why you might want to.

1. Reduced Costs. Although a two bedroom obviously costs more than a one bedroom, the difference is often much less than the difference in price between two individual apartments. For example, a quick search in the Charlotte area can find apartment buildings where a one bedroom unit costs $1,060 while a two bedroom costs $1,360. While that $300 difference may be too steep for one person to make up on their own, two people can likely pay for that with ease if they have similar incomes. It also means that instead of paying $1,060 on their own, they can have their shared apartment for $680 per person. That means that they both are saving $380 a month if you compare it to them each having their own apartment. The concept is similar to bundling insurance policies to get a reduced rate, just with housing instead.

2. Safety In Numbers. Even if both people work the same hours, they likely won’t do everything together. This means that it is more likely that someone will be home even if one person is gone. If something goes wrong, the chances that someone will catch it early are much higher than if someone is living alone, especially if that person works a lot.

3. Friendship. Having a friend with you most of the time can be extremely helpful if you have a bad day or even just need a favor. Humans generally like to have someone else near them that they can count on, and having a roommate almost assures that. There's nothing wrong with needing someone around, and this is one way for that to happen.

While getting a roommate isn’t for everyone, it certainly has its benefits. You may want to consider asking some friends if they are looking for new places to live if you are thinking of moving and see just how much of a difference it can make in the places you can move to!

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