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Things to Check

Things to Check

When you move into a new apartment, there are some things that you just don't expect to have to check. While there are also things that you really can't check, there are certainly a few quick glances that you can give something when you are viewing the place for the first time or right after you move in. It may seem silly to check some of these, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Here are some of our main check points:

1. Water Pressure/Temperature Regulation. This is often difficult to check when viewing an apartment, but checking the water pressure and temperature can tell you a lot about what it will be like living there. Everything from doing the dishes to showering can be made easy or miserable by these two factors. Even things like quickly flushing the toilet or making sure the sink drains is a good idea when first looking at an apartment. It can be frustrating dealing with plumbing issues, but it's always better to get it out of the way early.

2. Mold. This one seems obvious, but it can be sneaky. After all, you don't really expect there to be mold in a place when you're first moving in! However, mold can be sneaky and hide in all kinds of places. Bathrooms and basements are common culprits, but don't forget to check in air conditioner filters and under the kitchen sink as well. You definitely don't want to get a face full of mold spores the first time you turn the air conditioner on in the summer!

3. Floors. While there isn't much you can do in the event of this issue, checking to make sure that you don't have severely creaky floors is always a good idea. This is especially true if you are on an upper level and have someone living under you. We know that you can't really replace the floors so that they don't creak, it can at least inform you about how heavily you may be able to walk without possibly disturbing someone living under you. If you're someone who doesn't like loud floorboards, it may be best to test high traffic areas and see if you can deal with the noise.

Moving into a new apartment can be exciting, but there are always things that you should keep in mind. Check out Talley's available listings and see what property we have up for rent will be perfect for you!

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