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Transferring Utilities

Transferring Utilities

One of the most time consuming things about moving to a new apartment is transferring everything into your name and getting your utilities and monthly expenses set up. If you live alone and/or work full time, it can be even worse. You need to be there when someone comes to set up your internet or wants to do an inspection for the fire department. Often times, these are made worse by the fact that they give you a span of a few days depending on the size of your apartment building or complex and tell you that you need to be home for all of it. Most of us cannot take time off of work like this, but we also can’t be in two places at once. Here are some suggestions that you can use for when you need to get a bunch of move related tasks done with minimal impact to your work.

First, it is important that all of your utilities get transferred as soon as possible. We always suggest calling the internet and cable/satellite company a couple of days before your move and set up a day right after you move in for them to come in and do everything. Things are often too scattered to do it on the actual moving day, but if you can get them in ahead of the majority of your stuff, you won't have to live without necessary utilities. Take that day off of work and bang out as many of the logistical issues as you can. Spend that day transferring your name to the electric, talk to the leasing office, and whatever else you need to do. It is always a great deal of work, but it is something that needs to happen and will be a relief when it is finally done.

Moving is never easy, but even once your stuff is all in the new place, your work isn’t complete. While it may not be as physically exhausting to make a bunch of phone calls as opposed to moving all of your furniture around and taking everything back out of boxes, it can be just as tiring to listen to hours’ worth of automated menus trying to change your electric over to your own name. We certainly aren't jealous of you for having to do that, but we also know that blocking out a full day to do all of it normally makes it easier for people. Hopefully it does the same for you!

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