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When you move, you want your new place to feel as much like a home as it can. This means that you will often search out certain things that are normally seen as a bonus, or amenity, in your apartment. This also means, however, that you most likely have to pay more for the amenities that are included in the apartment. These amenities may be considered a necessity to you, but everyone has different things they need in place before they move in. Here are a few examples that can help you decide what you need before you move into a new apartment.

1. Laundry. This is the biggest one. Most people want a washing machine and dryer at least nearby when they move. While some people prefer to have it in their apartment, others are okay with a community wash room. Many of the community ones are either coin operated or use a pre-paid card, so that is another thing to consider when you are moving. It can take a while to find the exact setup you are looking for, but if it isn’t a deal breaker for you, you can always just look for a location near a laundromat.

2. Pool. This is another common amenity that is looked for with apartment buildings. Pools can drive up the price of a rental, but they are well worth the difference to some people. Being able to cool off and socialize during the summer can be a great trade for the money, so if you are someone who really enjoys taking a dip, try to find a place with a pool.

3. Off Street Parking/Multi-Car Parking. Parking is always a hassle when you live in an apartment. Having a private parking lot or driveway can be helpful, but even then you generally only get one spot per apartment. This is great until you have two or more drivers living in the same unit. Being able to find an apartment that can accommodate more than one car can seem impossible depending on where you live, so be sure to keep an eye on those parking arrangements if there are multiple people moving in.

These are only three amenities that you may want to consider when planning on moving, but they are three of the biggest ones. If you know what you’re looking for, let Talley know and we will do all we can to find you the rental property of your dreams!

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