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There is a lot of discussion when it comes to apartment complexes and other large buildings that have a lot of people working and living there regarding garbage pickup. Although most places understand that they need to have a place that their residents can dump their trash, many people wonder if they should provide recycling services as well. While this is something that someone who knows the location must decide, we want to help you out when it comes to keeping things out of landfills that could be better used, or reused, in other places.

One of the main reasons that most rental property owners do not want to offer a recycling option is the price. While it is a bit more expensive than just having the garbage, many companies that offer both will give you a bundle deal so that you can get them at a reduced rate. You can also normally reduce the cost by having fewer recycling pickups than garbage pickups, which works for most places. For example, most apartment complexes can get their garbage picked up twice a week while the recycling is only picked up twice a month. While this may cause a bit of an issue around holidays when lots of large boxes are being tossed into the bins, it should be more than sufficient for most times of the year to have less frequent pickup dates.

Another issue that many owners find is that people don’t seem to know (or care) about how recycling works. It is important that everyone understands which bins are meant for garbage and which ones are meant for recycling. Most plants that recycle will either turn away trucks that are full of garbage or charge extra fines for having to separate the contents. This is expensive for the property managers and owners, which can discourage a lot of places from continuing a recycling program. Make sure to post literature about what can and cannot be recycled and take extra action such as video monitoring if needed.

Recycling is something that can really help out the environment and apartment complexes if used correctly. Although there may be people who don't care one way or another, it can be something that is implemented on your property to great success. Ask around and see if there is any interest in getting a recycling bin for your residents. It certainly couldn’t hurt for you to make a difference in the community and the environment!

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