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Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Although frozen pipes don’t seem to be as common an issue anymore, it is still worth bringing it up at least once a year. If you have ever lived in an older house or in a place with dangerously low temperatures, you will probably remember worrying about your pipes freezing and therefore bursting. If you never had that experience, you should definitely count yourself lucky, as many of us can tell you from experience that it is an extremely unpleasant thing to deal with.

When you have rapid changes in temperature, certain things are bound to happen. Older buildings and houses will often “settle”, which results in sounds that make it seem as if the building is cracking and groaning. It’s one of the things that often makes sleeping in an unfamiliar house so scary when you're a kid, since you aren’t used to the noises that the expansion and contraction makes anywhere other than your own home. This is especially true when it’s an older building that still uses a water-based heating and cooling system.

While North Carolina doesn’t generally have long periods of time where the temperature stays low enough to be concerned about freezing pipes, it has been known to happen on rare occasion. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can help prevent your pipes from bursting even if record lows do hit. It is always better to have the information on the off chance that you ever find yourself in need of it. Keeping any cabinet and closet doors open helps to improve air flow and can keep the pipes at a steadier temperature. It is also a good idea to keep your thermostat set to the same temperature all day and night if possible. Although it might be annoying or seem counter-intuitive, having a small drip of cold water coming from your faucets can help to keep your pipes from freezing.

Emergencies such as frozen pipes are a great reason to have Talley Property Services on your side. We have a 24 hour number for your tenants to call in case of something like this happening, and we can get someone dispatched quickly in case repairs are needed. It is always a stressful time when something goes wrong, and if it happens around the holidays it is even worse. Let Talley take some of that concern off of your shoulders so that you can enjoy your time without being on call.

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