Marriage changes everything. It may seem cliché, but it really is one of the biggest steps that you can take in your life. This is especially true if you get married relatively young, or if you have been single and living on your own for many years. Moving in with another person and combining all of your stuff into one new location can be stressful and result in more than a few sleepless nights. What makes things even more difficult is actually having to find your first apartment together, particularly if neither of you has ever rented before.

There are many different factors that go into getting your first place, but it is sometimes easier if you have more than one person moving into the apartment. In order to have a better shot of being approved, you should try to ensure that both of you have steady income and some form of credit. These measures are often difficult if you are younger, as even the age of your credit score may be something that makes rental property owners concerned. Sadly, there is nothing you can do to “fix” the age of your credit score. The best that you can do is to try and stay on top of your credit and build it into a score that is high enough that no one will second guess renting to you. While is easier said than done, if you both work together with your banks you should be able to build healthy scores in no time.

When you are newly married, it often seems like people ask very personal questions. These may be about how long you've been together, which can seem judgmental, or about the possibility of children. This is often to see what kind of fit you will be for the property and the owner. Simply answer them as truthfully as you can and use your best judgment whether or not you want to go forward with an application depending on what you see and hear.

If you are a newlywed couple looking for your first apartment, give Talley a call. We can help match you with a perfect apartment regardless of what your future brings. With new listings every month, we won’t stop until we are able to find you the place of your dreams. We will work with you to discover what you are looking for in your first place and help you to build up your rental history. Give us a call today!