Having roommates, also known as flat/apartment sharing, is a common solution for people who are looking for housing that they may not be able to afford on their own. Although the ideal solution is generally to have your own apartment, this isn’t always a possibility depending on where you live and what work you do. Often, you will hear about friends moving in together to split the costs of housing in order to make ends meet. This is a very sensible option, and if you haven’t thought about it before, here are some reasons to look into it.

1. Lower Costs. Although a two bedroom apartment will obviously cost more than a one bedroom, the difference is often substantially less than paying for two full separate apartments. For example, a quick search in the Charlotte area can find apartment or townhouse complexes where a one bedroom unit costs $1,150 while a two bedroom costs $1,450. While that $300 difference may be too much for one person to float on their own, two people can easily pay for that if they have similar incomes. It also means that instead of two separate people paying $1,150 each, they can have their shared apartment for $725 per person. That means that they both are saving $600 a month if you compare it to them each having their own apartment. That extra money can go towards any other bills or groceries or even saving up to buy their own home one day.

2. Security. Even if both people work similar hours, they most likely won’t do everything together. This means that it is possible that at least one person will be home, even if one of them is out. If something goes wrong, the chances that someone will catch it immediately are much higher than if only one person lives in the unit and is out often.

3. Friendship. Having a friend that you can easily go to or be around can be extremely helpful if you need help with something, or even if you just have a rough day. It almost always helps to know that there is someone close by who you can rely on, and a roommate helps to assure that someone will be there!

While having a roommate isn’t for everyone, it certainly has its benefits. You might want to consider asking your friends if anyone is looking for a new place to live if you are thinking of moving. See just how much of a financial difference it can make for you and where you can move!