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Clear Listings

Clear Listings
One of the best things you can do when it comes to making a eye-catching listing is putting in as many details as possible. While it used to be important to get the specific details out with as little explanation as possible, if you are posting something online you no longer need to worry about paying for every word (or even every character, depending on the paper).

Generally, if you are able to post about a listing, you don’t have to pay for more than either the individual listing or the domain name depending on how you go about promoting your vacancy. If you own an entire building or complex, a full website may be a better option, so it's always important to think about what will work best for you and your property.

When someone looks for an apartment, there were a few things that most people look out for. It is always better to have photos attached to the listing so that people can see what they would be moving into. Details about policies and amenities is also often important. If a listing doesn’t have pictures, many people simply move along without looking deeper into it. If there was barely any information on the listing, people also tend to pass it by. After all, if the owner doesn't even both to list how many bedrooms or bathrooms the location has, how can you be sure they will be there if something goes wrong? While they can always call and try to get more information, it's always a better idea to list it from the start.

When you are posting a listing online, it is important to be as up front about as many things as possible. This includes what you have in the apartment, any amenity information you may have, your pet policy, and anything else that you might be able to think of. It is often a good idea to look up a list of things that people often ask about a new place of residence online and treat that as a template for what should be included in your listing. Alternatively, you can always trust Talley Property Management to do the leg work when it comes to listing your rental property. We know what people look for in a listing and what they want to hear. Let us help you get new residents with clear and well crafted listings today!

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