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The Importance of Mirrors

The Importance of Mirrors
We use mirrors in our everyday lives more than you may realize. From the moment we wake up, we are relying on reflections to make sure that we seem presentable to society. We check our hair, we check our face, and we even check our outfits in mirrors. When we get in the car in the morning to drive to work, we use mirrors to make sure that we safely arrive at our destination. With all of the practical reasons to have mirrors around, it can seem like a no-brainer to have them in the space you're trying to rent out. However, they can help to serve another purpose as well.

How many times have you been in a building and thought there was another room only to realize it was a mirror? It can really mess with your perception when you realize that the place is not as big as you first thought it was. This is something you can use to your advantage when you are trying to rent out your property. Even smaller rooms can seem large and airy when you have a well placed mirror in the area. It may not seem like much, but even an accent mirror can do a lot for how big a room looks from the right angle.

Another thing that mirrors can be used for when it comes to your rental property is light distribution. Not every unit is going to have large windows with loads of natural light. While this is often the ideal, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Thankfully, mirrors do reflect light very well. This means that if you have a window that does get a fair amount of sun, you can hang a mirror up that catches this and spreads it around the room to make it seem brighter than it normally would be. Even artificial light can be amplified with mirrors, so it never hurts to try it out!

Although mirrors may seem like little more than accent pieces or things to check your shave in, they can be very useful to the smart rental property owner. If you need your rooms to look like they're bigger than they are, give mirrors a try. You should also call Talley and see how quickly we can get a great tenant into your apartment, even if it is on the smaller side. You never know who we will find!

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