Although pipes freezing doesn’t seem to be as common a problem anymore, as we have seen this past month it is still a very real problem in the event of a storm that knocks out power. If you have ever lived in an older house or in a place with extreme cold temperatures, you probably haven't experienced the possibility of your pipes freezing and bursting. If you never had that happen to you, you should count yourself lucky. It is an extremely unpleasant situation to have to deal with.

When you have rapid changes in temperature, there are certain things that are bound to happen. Older buildings and houses will often make noise, which is normally written off as “the house settling”. It’s one of the things that makes sleeping in a different house than your own so scary as a kid (or even as an adult), because you aren’t used to the noises that this house makes. This is especially true when it’s an older building that uses a water-based heating and cooling system instead of forced or central air or even gas.

While North Carolina doesn’t normally have times where the temperature dips low enough to be concerned about freezing pipes, it has been known to happen periodically. It's one of the biggest reasons why making sure that your heat is working before you need it is important. While you obviously want the heat to work for your own comfort, there are other things that you can do to get yourself warm. You can go to a store or a friend's house, but your pipes can't. You never want to find out too late that your heat isn't working, so don't forget to give it a test. It is especially important if you have someone living with you that is vulnerable, such as an elderly family member or small children.

Emergencies like frozen pipes or heat issues are great reasons to have Talley Property Services on your side. We have a 24 hour emergency number for your tenants to call in case this happens, and we even have businesses that we can contact in case repairs are needed. It is always a stressful time when something goes wrong, but you don't have to deal with it alone. Let Talley take some of that concern off of your shoulders so that you can enjoy the winter without care!