When people move, they want to be as comfortable in their new home as possible. This often means that they want certain things that are often seen as a luxury, otherwise known as an amenity, in their apartment and complex. This also means, however, that as a landlord it may be something you feel the need to provide. These amenities may be seen as a necessity to many residents, but everyone has certain things they need if they're going to move into a new place. Here are a few examples of amenities that you may want to try to provide if possible.

  1. Laundry. This one is the most common. Most people want a washing machine and dryer at least close by when they move. While some people prefer to have it in their apartment, others are okay with a community wash room. Many of the communal ones are coin operated, but that's better than finding a nearby laundromat. The apartment complex also wants to keep up it's cleanliness, and offering laundry amenities is seen as common courtesy for tenants.
  2. Pool. This is another common amenity that is looked for in a rental. Pools are often expensive to maintain, but they may be well worth the price. Being able to cool off during the summer can be a great trade for either higher year round rent or maintenence fees. Either way, you may want to look into the possibility of including one to add the draw of liesure to your property.
  3. Upgraded/Additional Appliances. The kitchen is such an important part of someone's home. Even if your tenants don't cook much, it is important that the area they have to prepare food is up to date and in proper condition. Sometimes this means that you need to spend a little more money to make sure that they have a reliable oven or dishwasher. While it may not be a necessity for you, you never know when your tenant may have a disability or even just a lack of time on their hands. Updated appliances can go a long way.

There are many different amenities that complexes offer their residents to keep them happy. But, the improtance of each of these can vary from one tenant to another, so be sure to listen to their input on what would keep them satisfies with their living arrangement. You may be amazed at the difference it makes when you have these amenities listed with Talley!