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When May rolls around, there are a few things that we always look forward to. Strawberries and watermelons are in season, and so are the pools. Most places that have a pool tend to open them around the end of May to coincide with Memorial Day as long as the weather cooperates. While it is always enjoyable for residents who are ready to jump in, it can be quite stressful for anyone who is in charge of the pool. This is especially true if it is meant to be used by an entire apartment complex.

Getting a pool ready to open takes a lot more work than simply filling it and unlocking the gate so that people can swim. Every state and town has their own laws about community pools, which is one of the first things you need to factor in. It is important to follow the law about everything regarding your pool, of course, but especially when it comes to the safety of your residents. Having a pool is often one of the biggest selling points for an apartment, but it is still a luxury. It can be frustrating for tenants and property owners alike, but it is important to remember that the pool has to be kept up to certain standards. This is why many owners decide not to even bother with a pool, regardless of whether or not there is already one on the property. The price of the upkeep alone is far higher than many smaller complexes can handle without raising dues too much. Between the chemicals needed to keep the pool up to code and the cost of any lifeguards that your town may legally require, it can easily put you in the red. That said, it is a great way to draw people to move into your complex, so that is something that should be concidered.

If you do have a pool in your complex, you should definitely try to have it available for your residents more often than not. It is often a selling point no matter the moving season, as most leases are at least 6 months and the tenant could make use of it during that amount of time. You just have to be sure that you are safe and responsible if the pool is going to be open. Here at Talley, we hope you have a great summer and get to spend at least a little bit of it relaxing in that pool you work so hard for!

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