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Right now, it definitely feels like summer outside. Naturally, this means it won't be long before people stay cooped up in their homes with the air conditioner and a fan on to try to beat the heat. The problem is that heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous if you aren’t prepared for it. Dehydration and other heat related illnesses can hit even if you are inside, so it is always important to remember to drink water and keep yourself protected from the heat whenever you can.

You always want to make sure that your air conditioners and fans work before you get to the point where you need them, and that the vents are clean. This is especially true if you live on a higher floor or in an apartment, one with lots of windows, or both. Hot air rises, which can make upper floors absolutely miserable to live on during summer months if you don’t have reliable air conditioning or insulation against it. Windows, while wonderful for natural light and air flow when open, can also be fairly brutal when it comes to the heat from the sun that comes in. If you notice that your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be doing its job, contact your landlord as soon as possible to talk about a replacement or purchase one depending on your lease agreement.

In addition to air conditioning, there are a few things that you can do to keep your apartment cool. Blackout curtains are great for more than just blocking light, they also help to keep heat outside and cool air inside. While any curtains will help, blackout curtains are the best. If you live in a space with an attic, it is helpful to install a fan, commonly gable or roof-mounted, and insulate these walls as well as other areas. Even having a white ceiling can reflect, rather than attract the outside heat.

Air conditioning and other heat repulsion techniques can be life savers during the summer. Be sure that yours is working correctly so that you can relax when you walk through your door. We hope that all of you have a safe and fun summer, and that you stay cool!

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