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Everyone has different needs. This is true across the board. It doesn't matter if we're talking about food requirements, medication, or even what they're looking for out of their interactions with other people. Everyone has a different requirement for certain things, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that what will work for one person may not do so for someone else. If you don't need to buy your own insulin, that's great. However, some people do. For them, that is a necessity that you do not share. The same should be said when it comes to housing.

Beyond things like handicapped entrances or generators, we rarely think of different things as a necessity that some people can look for in a home. Generally, anything else falls under the category of “preferred” or “wishlist”. While it may seem silly for a lot of people, someone may have a need for accommodations that, at first, appear as an amenity. Almost everyone wants a washer and dryer at least on site, but someone who cannot walk distances with a full basket may need to have one in their unit. There is nothing wrong with being adamant and steadfast about what you seem to want, as it may actually be a true need.

If you have back problems and cannot stand bent over for extended periods of time, you likely have a need for a dishwasher in your apartment. If you have any chronic pain issues, you may need a first floor unit to avoid having to walk up multiple flights of stairs every day. An accessible shower instead of a shower and tub combination may be exactly what you're hunting for because of your knee issues. There are so many things that are actually necessities that get brushed over, and people's reasoning for leasing one space over another can vary tremendously. If you have any of these needs, don't worry. Talley will have something perfect for you.

With a constantly rotating set of listings, Talley has dozens of units that are looking for tenants that can accommodate for your needs. It can be hard to find a solid lead on any apartment when you have specific necessities that, on the surface, appear to be simple amenity preferences. Thankfully, Talley knows that sometimes when you say that you need a certain thing before you can move into an apartment, you mean it. See what we have for you today!

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