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Our pets are some of the most important companions in our lives. Whether you have a furry friend or a scaly one, they probably mean a lot to you. Having a pet is something that most people can’t imagine their home without, and for good reason. This is perfectly fine, but what happens when you need to move to a new apartment and you already have an animal? Many places don’t allow pets, and it can be difficult to get a landlord to change their mind to accommodate the fact that you already have one. It is also often a logistical hurdle trying to move the animal itself, as they require more attention than your other belongings.

One thing that you can do is use a filter online to make sure that you are only looking at apartments that allow animals. This will help stop you from falling in love with a rental only to realize that they have a strict ban on pets. Your pet is more important than taking an apartment with a ban on pets over an apartment that can accomodate. If a listing doesn’t say whether or not you are allowed pets, you can always ask as well. Some landlords even have a listing that says no pets, but when asked they will allow it. The bottom line is, it never hurts to ask, and sometimes landlords don't realize the property is listed one way or the other.

Actually moving with the animal can be difficult as well. Many cats don’t do well in cars and dogs can easily get stressed out at sudden changes as well. You may speak to your vet and see if there is anything you can do to make the trip easier for the both of you. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with a four-hour car ride full of howling and meowing. Trust me, it gets exhausting very fast.

If you have an animal that needs a tank or other enclosure to move, you will also need to figure out how to keep their other. You might even be able to call and ask for advice, as most veterinary offices don’t mind giving some help to responsible pet owners. At the end of the day, you know your pet the best. Talley will help find you an apartment that will accept the package deal, you and your pet!

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