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Moving is a lot of work, and your to-do list is probably already a mile long. On top of packing your possessions, filling out last-minute paperwork, and finding a moving company, you have to consider the broader effects that come with changing your location. For example, your address. Think of all the things that hinge on your current address: letters, packages, bills, bank statements, and even utilities such as internet and phone lines. We’re here to help you through the process, shortening your to-do list by compiling some of the important companies and services that you will need to notify when moving.

  • Post Office Unless you want your packages, letters, cards, and other mail to end up in someone else’s mailbox, it’s critical that you let the post office know of your new location.
  • Utilities (gas, electric, water, internet, phone, etc.) The last thing you want when you move into your shiny new home is to find that the electricity doesn’t work and the water has not been turned on. Utilities such as gas, electric, water, internet, and phone lines require your address to properly bill you for their services.
  • Financial establishments (bank, card companies, etc.) Tax and insurance agencies need to know your current place of residence. It’s very important that your bank statements and other personal financial communication not end up in someone else’s hands. Plus, you will need to change the address associated with your credit and/or debit cards.
  • Current employer Whether you are paid via direct deposit or you receive your salary in the mail, it’s crucial that you give your employer your new address. Certainly, you want any emergency communication, tax forms, or pay stubs to end up in your own mailbox.
  • Shopping and subscription services While you may think that updating your address with the post office will solve all mailing issues, it’s wise to alert all services of your move. This will make checkout quicker and easier, and it’s less likely that your mail will be lost on its journey.
  • Physicians (doctor, dentist, vet, etc.) Physicians should be alerted when you undergo a change of address so that their records may be updated and corrected.

While this list will help smooth the transition between homes, please double-check your own records to be sure that nothing is left unchanged. The good news is that most records can be changed at any time after your move. So take time to relax, unpack, and enjoy your new home!

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