Being a landlord is a big commitment, especially for those who can’t dedicate 100% of their time and energy to its success. Marketing, finding tenants, and otherwise managing the maintenance and financial aspects of your property can be time-consuming. For those who are new to investment properties, it can be downright overwhelming.

Hiring a property manager may be considered an investment in and of itself. Whether you simply can’t dedicate the time needed to nurture your new source of passive income or your primary residence is not in the immediate vicinity, a property manager will help you every step of the way. For a small fee, you can essentially put your income on autopilot. Here are some of the benefits that come with hiring a property manager.

There you have it. A property manager is an investment, but perhaps you would consider it a necessary one. Whether you’re new to the rental property scene or you’ve been doing this for years, it may time to put your investments on autopilot.