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Explosive Growth: A Look at the Fastest Growing Suburbs in the Charlotte Area

Explosive Growth: A Look at the Fastest Growing Suburbs in the Charlotte Area

Zillow has ranked Charlotte, North Carolina, among the hottest real estate markets in the
country for 2023. In fact, according to the list, the Queen City takes first place for the calendar
year, sitting just above other cities such as Cleveland and Dallas. Part of the reason for such high
numbers and explosive growth is the suburban towns and cities surrounding Charlotte.
While the downtown area is thriving, people often flock to the suburbs to settle down or
raise a family. That’s not to say that the suburbs are stagnant. Far from it, in fact. Many suburbs
in the Charlotte area are undergoing enormous growth and revitalization, contributing to the
city’s status as the hottest US real estate market.

Located north of Charlotte and southeast of Lake Norman, Huntersville is one of the major
suburbs in the area. As of 2023, it’s growing at a rate of 0.43% annually. The citizens of
Huntersville have even created an organization dedicated to revitalizing the town and providing a
clear vision for the future.


Located south of Charlotte, heading toward the border of South Carolina, the city of
Waxhaw represents another real estate hotspot. Waxhaw is growing quickly, with a current
growth rate of 4.34% annually. Authorities on the town and its citizens have expressed their
to preserving the small-town charm while also adding much-needed improvements to
accommodate for the influx of people.
Concord is growing steadily at a rate of 1.82% annually. Located northeast of downtown
Charlotte, Concord has been called one of the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina, with a
33% growth in population between 2010 and 2020. This same source states that companies are
pouring millions of dollars into revitalizing the city, including housing and job opportunities.
North Charlotte
For those that want a taste of the city life without living in the hustle and bustle of the
downtown area, North Charlotte is perfect. It’s easy to see the appeal. Located within the ring of
I-485, it’s just a short drive into the city and its must-see cultural and culinary hotspots. Charlotte
as a whole is experiencing a current growth rate of 0.34% annually.
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