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Protecting Your Rental Property from Sudden Temperature Drops

Protecting Your Rental Property from Sudden Temperature Drops

Late winter is in full swing, and temperatures are becoming more sparatic. When these temperatures get below freezing and properties are subject to more severe weather and precipitation, there are certain steps to take ahead of time to prepare for these harsh conditions. Talley Properties is here to guide rental property owners through the process of protecting their property and tenants from the cold. Read on for some valuable tips and tricks as you begin winter-proofing.

  • Seal the Edges of Openings. Windows and outside doors are particularly susceptible to drafts. It’s highly unlikely that the seal around the edges of these openings is entirely weatherproof. As winter approaches and the weather grows cold, go around your home with a fine-tooth comb and seal any gaps or cracks that may have appeared along the edges. Not only will this keep the heat inside in the winter, but it will keep the cool air inside in the summer.
  • Add Insulation. Insulation is crucial for regulating the temperature of your home. From drafty spaces like the attic to fragile parts like the water pipes, there are plenty of ways to shut out the cold. Once the temperature drops in one part of your house, it’s much more likely that the cold will spread to other rooms and floors. Save money on heating by investing in quality insulation.
  • Clean the Gutters. Gutters have a tendency to become clogged with leaves, dirt, and other gunk. Before the temperature dips below freezing, ensure that your gutters are clear of anything that may inhibit the flow of water. Otherwise, you may find icicles forming on your roofline.
  • Let the Water Flow. Stagnant water freezes much easier than water that is allowed to keep moving. To prevent frozen water and busted pipes, allow your faucets a slow drip. This will keep the water moving and flowing through the pipes.
  • Consult a Professional. Occasionally, it’s best to let the professionals handle matters. Consider consulting someone who will perform an evaluation of your home. The result will show you how energy efficient your house is and what you can do to improve your rating.

Stay safe this winter, and protect your property from the bitter weather. It could save you time and money in the long run! Stay up to date on Talley Properties blog for more tips and valuable insight, and get in touch to see how we can take care of your rental property.

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