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The Importance of Outside Appearances in Property Management

The Importance of Outside Appearances in Property Management

Property management should pay attention to the curb appeal of their property, since sparkling outside appearances can attract quality renters. One of the most important criteria for people looking to rent property is the exterior looks. According to a survey, more than 75% prospective renters, first consider the outside appeal of the structure and then only would consider reviewing the apartment or house.


The condition of the rental property directly influences the number of possible vacancies. Therefore, taking care and managing the outside appearances and beautifying the location should be considered a wise investment. Certain cosmetic improvements do not need much investment, and they are usually covered by maintenance tasks such as painting, repairs, replacing the trim, and installing window shutters. However, property management should also consider investing in a decent and reliable landscaping service.

It is not necessary to carry an expensive landscaping service on your docket. The main point is to make the outside appearance more attractive, which can be achieved even with cheaper and low-maintenance landscaping. First, consider the weather conditions in your area, and select plants accordingly. It is always better to opt for drought-resistant plants, as they will require the least maintenance. From the variety available, select plants that bloom during multiple seasons in a year. They should also have a lush texture with colorful flowers and leaves.  

Suitable Plants

First, consider the path that leads to the main entrance or door of the building, as a beautiful pathway can make a big difference to the looks of a property. If there is a concrete walkway, you could consider replacing it with attractive paving stones. You could also consider a combination of grass and paving stones, as that would make the pathway much more attractive. Now, to make the pathway more aesthetically appealing, plant some ornamental plants, on both sides of the walkway.

You could also opt to plant trees; however, you will need to consider the available space and the approximate height of the trees when they are fully-grown. Finally, consider installing attractive external light fixtures along the pathway to make it more appealing during the night.

A small garden can also make a major difference in enhancing the appeal of the property. Even a small patch on either side of the entrance, can give the building a welcoming exterior. Even when the property is an apartment complex, a few patches of greenery and plants can improve the looks tenfold. Greenery is always pleasing to the eye compared to drab concrete. Add to that a splotch of color with some plants and you have a winning combination.


The next step would be to consider an impressive door for the front main entrance. Embellishments like engravings and brass knocker will make the door even more attractive. If a new door is too expensive, then simply lay out an attractive doormat, to improve the appeal of the entrance.

Another major element in improving exteriors is installing an attractive trim. The trim around the windows facing the street can enhance the looks of the property manifold. If new wood trim is out of your budget, at least consider a fresh coat of paint for the trim that you have currently.

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